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Doctor Junior

December 13, 2019 @ 10:00 pm - 1:00 am


$7 Cover

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to take an intergalactic groove cruise through an ocean of electronic stars? Or perhaps parasailing down the river of pure funk that cuts through the dense jungle of dance is more your style. Well, if you close your eyes at a DRJR show these things become vividly possible.

It’s widely known that music is one of the best medicines we have, and in this era of calamity, a Cosmic Doctor has chosen to invite the denizens of Earth to start their healing on the dance floor. Our miraculous story of the Dr’s arrival begins in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the human year of 2017, when two local sound wizards encountered another being who’s musical magic rivaled, and even complimented, their own. And so it was that Kyle Garrett (Guitar/Synth/Samples) met Wyatt Smith (Bass/Vocals) and laid the foundation for what would be one of the most eager endeavors in modern medicine.

Coming out of the gate with flying colors (literally) we have a few tracks that really highlight their flavor of sound. Their song titled “slide” has a dose of life for anyone going through the ill stages of love. It acts as the title suggests and offers an audial slide for you to escape any negative feelings and slide right into the next chapter of the heart through sultry sounds, superb synth, and sexy vocals. For those of you who’s feet are burning and yearning to hit a dancefloor worthy of the 70s, their song “dirty disco” will make you feel as if you’re shakin’ your body on the holo-deck of our community spaceship. Then if you’ve still got some sweat to spare you’re going to absolutely love “Dance All Night”. Through incredible sample use, a perfect spread of guitar, and voice modulating that would make Daft Punk wet their circuitboards, they’ve crafted the perfect electro-jam tune that challenges both old and young to TRY and stay seated. Let me just tell you now, It’s an impossible feat.

But as our world grows it seems that even more healing is needed. Like many legendary unions before them, Doctor Junior was bound to evolve. Thus, In early 2019 Doctor Junior went from a Duo to a full live band, adding members Zach England (Guitar/Vocals), Logan Bewley (Drums), Joey Bent (Sax/Synth), and Chris Ault (Percussion) in order to complete the Doctor. Some claim that antibiotics are the most important medicine in history, but it quickly became clear that DrJr was in the lab creating something that had never been heard before.

With the funkiest grooves, soaring guitar, heart-filled vocals, and dirty bass it was clear from the beginning that the jam scene was made for them. They decided long ago that genres were a limiting concept, and true sound healing has no bounds. A Large part of a Doctor Junior show is the LIVE Improvisation. A song may be 4 minutes one night and 15 the next. They adapt to the patients in the crowd, keep the sound fresh and flowing, and give themselves the freedom to be inspired on-stage and in the moment.

If you or someone you love is afflicted with life’s ailments, or just trying to celebrate the good aspects of it, recommend Doctor Junior today. No insurance necessary, you just have to come catch a show!


December 13, 2019
10:00 pm - 1:00 am


Four Quarter Bar
415 Main St.
North Little Rock, AR 72114 United States
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(501) 313-4704